Go Green for Life

Environmental protection is influenced by three interwoven factors: environmental legislation, ethics and education. Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the natural environment on individual, organizational or community. The environment is fundamentally connected to everything we need as human beings to survive. Working for environment should be the part of the basis education ,which should be implemented as the ongoing effort. To enhance the understandings and promote the awareness My Life Foundation is always in an active mode.

My Life Foundation often organizes the ecological events  like-

Environment Campaigns
Water Harvesting
Awareness Campaigns

Main aims and approaches to Environmental Protection are

Voluntary environmental agreements- Voluntary environmental agreements often provide a platform for students to recognized the specific regulatory standards and support the development of best environmental practice.

Ecosystems approach-   A collaborative approach to planning and decision making that involves a broad range of stakeholders across all relevant departments, as well as representatives of colleges, environmental groups and community.

Essential environmental agreements

Ensure sustainable and equitable use of resources without degrading the environment or risking health or safety
Improve condition and productivity of degraded areas
Raise awareness and understanding of the link between environment and development
Promote individual and community participation

Eco Club

Eco Club GREEN GUARDS, a Green initiative by MY LIFE FOUNDATION which aims to work on issues like:

Health & hygine

Students from schools and colleges are the active partners and behold the responsibilities.

Mission Statement

We strive to create an environment where personal and moral change mutually support each other in the context of environment. We aim to take positive actions to preserve, protect, serve, initiate, live and let live in healthy, conductive environment for better tomorrow.

Our Values

We all work towards a lifestyle that:

Fosters a sense of community
Is ecologically responsible
Fosters harmony
Support individual’s growth

We are extremely grateful to My Life Foundation for extending wonderful support to Vaani School & Research Centre for faculty development programmes, conducting summer camps and support the school for services. My Life Foundation is doing a great job to support and enhance the education system for the under privileged. We are tankful to the director for all kind of support.

N. P. Jain
Chairman, Vaani School & Research Centre
It is a great opportunity to be the part of My Life Foundation. To team up with My Life will always be a pleasure. We will get a chance together to work better in field of Education.

Rajiv Kumar
Co-ordinator, DMG Inter College
We feel privileged to join hand with My Life Foundation we work together to enhance the teaching learning system in our school. School shall always co-operate and co-ordinate with My Life for sustainable relationship in order to nurture the community.

Dr. R. K. Singh
Principal, D.M.G. Inter College
We are overwhelmed by the support of My Life Foundation. The dynamic team of My Life helps us to support the overall development of school. Teachers training programmes have brought positive change in school.

Devendra Kumar
Director, Adarsh Bal Vidhaliya
Services rendered by My Life Foundation are very philanthropic and authentic. I have experienced the various engagements with the foundation. Understanding the need of the community in the right direction is the basis show of the foundation. The special feature, what I was touched by the up-holding the services for differently abled people. I feel honoured to be the part of the events and give all blessings to My Life team.

Manjoor Ahmad
Former Vice Chancellor, Agra University, Subharti University
The kind support by My Life brings the real growth to our school. All the teachers and students often get teaching and learning enhancement sessions by the special teachers from My Life. We are thankful and grateful to them.

Deepa Sharma
Principal, Adarsh Bal Vidhaliya
I feel proud being the member of My Life Foundation. It has given me chances to prove my learning and help the people around in terms of health awareness and education.

Shivani Chaudhary
Dietician & Member
I have been associated with My Life Foundation since years. The amount of energy and positivity that I get while working with My Life team can’t be expressed. Extending hands to learners gives the positive vibes and immense satisfaction.

Vikas Tewari
Education certainly determines the quality of an individual’s life. Education improves one’s knowledge, skills and develop the personality and attitude. This we have learnt from My Life Foundation. Since last eight years My Life Foundation is offering unconditional services to Adarsh Bal Vidhaliya.

Ankur Sharma
Co-ordinator, Adarsh Bal Vidhaliya
Book Distribution, Child Sponsorship and Teachers Training by My Life Foundation is an incredible contribution for Netaji Subash School. We are honoured to have them as our working partners. We wish to have a long term relationship and work for the betterment of society.

Desh Pal Singh
Principal, Netaji Subash Academy
Joining My Life was a boon. A Gateway to know self and serve others selflessly. The kind support to under privilege students of education department has left a positive impact.

Usha Sharma
Educate for life is an amazing project of My Life Foundation. Under book drive My Life Foundation support our students by distributing free books. We are thankful to the foundation for the support to the under privileged students. Wish to have a long term association.

Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Director, National Institute of Technology
A regardful thanks to My Life Foundation to accept me as I am. I can’t hear, I can’t speak but I can feel, think and reflect. My Life Foundation has give me a chance to grow. In My Life I am trained for Desktop Publication. Their priceless effort has helped me built my confidence.

Being the part of My Life Foundation has changed life. Working for students, teachers and society gives the satisfaction to great level. It is also a learning platform to contribute.

Chahat Sharma
Association with My Life Foundation is a charm of life. We get to see the real life situations of present era and opportunity to play an important role in supporting live. My Life contribute to bring change and we are privileged to be the part of it.

Pawan Kumar Pal
Being the part of My Life, we get many opportunities to serve the community specially working for education and girl child.

Sandeep Sharma
The journey to fulfill my desire of giving has started. Being the part of My Life Foundation is a great opportunity for serving people , specially children. Being the project co-ordinator , I have learnt a lot about the philanthropic activities , wish to have a long term association with the My Life Foundation

Mohit Giri
Project Co-ordinator
I am working with My Life Foundation since last four years. These years have been a great experience of my life .The positivity and satisfaction I get working for needy children is out of this world. We get to see the different shades of life.

Nitin Soam